All-aboard theSAASR

The South African Association of Ship
Builders and Repairers

The SAASR strives to set out procedures and regulations within the ship building and repair industry that foster good safety attitudes and practices and a healthy working environment. All activities performed on, or in, a ship – either afloat, in floating dock, graving dock, or slipway – are subject to the South African Merchant Shipping Act 57 of 1951 and the Maritime Occupational Safety Regulations of 1994. As a member of the SAASR you will not only reap the benefits of a great support team and knowledge base, but you will ensure compliance within your business and improve your own offering.

Take the time to read through this site to find out more about the important role the SAASR plays in the SA Ship Building and Repair Industry. And, if your business is either directly or indirectly involved in the industry, be sure to submit the membership application form supplied.

The SAASR is for YOUR benefit, and the benefit of ALL!