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About Us

A Voluntary

The South African Association of Ship Builders & Repairers (SAASR) is a voluntary association established for purpose of improving the industry for members and all persons who work in the industry, with specific regard to health & safety and the preservation of the environment.

Ship building and ship repair has always been one of South Africa’s lucrative industries and more especially, a huge job creator for various trade types. While the industry itself often ebbs and flows, it remains to be a valuable contributor to the South African economy and for foreign investment.

Who We Are

Established Over
40 Years ago

The SAASR was established over 40 years ago with the purpose of looking after the  common interests of those whose livelihoods are dependent on, and whose passions lie in the marine industry. If your company has business activities in ship repair, ship building in Southern Africa, you are eligible to become a member of the SAASR.

The responsibilities of the SAASR include:

To increase awareness and understanding of the obligations imposed upon the industry by the Merchant Shipping Act, the Maritime Occupational Safety Regulations of 1994, and other relevant national and international legislative instruments.
Assisting members to maximise local and global opportunities in order to develop their business both nationally and internationally.
To represent members in discussions, negotiations and engagements with state-owned enterprises and local, provincial and national government, which discussions, negotiations and engagements shall be conducted in the best interests of members
To promote, encourage, support, oppose or assist in drafting any proposed legislative or other measure affecting the interests of the Association or its members